Day 25 – Cliché A Day: (E)xception To The Rule

Couldn’t find a single cliche that started with X, so I fudged a bit….

By Deb DeArmond

There’s no exception to the rule
Not at work and not at school
Not while driving on the road
Not while using Morse code

Rules are valid like the ten
Moses brought to Israel’s men
Cities, counties, states and more
Make them up – there’s more in store

Rules designed to limit fun
Are the toughest to get done
Always on the watch to see
If I can bend it to suit me.

But in the realm of God’s sweet glory
Christ is the exception story
I was dead, He gave me life
Brought me peace, replaced all strife

He didn’t break the rules you see
He satisfied each one for me
He took my place and paid my debt
Christ suffered all, I’ll not forget

He built a bridge that closed the gap
And now I climb into His lap
To find great love and sweet relief
Mercy, grace beyond belief

My life is His, not mine alone
I aim to point you to His throne
Exception to the rule you see
Cause Jesus Christ has set me free!

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