Day 23 – Cliché a Day: Variety Is the Spice Of Life

By Deb DeArmond

“Aren’t you tired of training the exact same materials every week? Sometimes twice a week?” a friend asked. “I mean, doesn’t it get pretty boring?”

She was referring to a major project I’m involved with. For about 30 weeks this year, I will be training folks across the country in 2-day training sessions, delivering 2 sessions each week. The material remains the same, but the people, of course, are different in each session.

From soup to nuts (and on occasion, there are a few of those) the participants are as diverse as they come. And therein lies the variety that keeps me showing up every week, excited to work with these fine folks. They’ve taught me as much as I’ve taught them and I’ve met interesting people with fascinating stories. I feel blessed each day I’m with them. It’s a routine, but it’s not a rut.

A rut is just a grave open at both ends. I’m not ready to jump into that quite yet.

It’s easy show up, day after day, doing the same old thing, a routine that has become familiar, if nothing else. It’s tempting, even, to choose a path that requires little demand on us – we know where it goes and we settle for that.

Living a full life in Christ demands we explore possibilities, push past the humdrum, and place ourselves on notice that today could be the day that He shakes it all up. We should be actively preparing for it, so that when it happens, we can GO!

I’m not suggesting we should all quit our jobs, live like gypsies, and hit the road. Start small. Ask yourself:
• What are the tasks or routines that, although once were enjoyable, no longer engage me spiritually, mentally and/or emotionally?
• What am I doing that I wish I weren’t? What’s keeping me here?
• What interests me? How can I get involved with it? What’s the first step?
• What’s the risk of stepping into it? What’s the risk of NOT doing it?

Variety is indeed an essential ingredient to living fully in Him. I doubt the disciples would have described their lives as boring. Peter walking on water, Paul surviving shipwreck, John in the wilderness – yeah, maybe not all fun, but none of it a snooze! And they each needed to make a clear decision to follow the Spirit of the Lord in the adventure He had for them.

So shake up that routine and climb up out of that rut.  There’s great stuff waiting up top!

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