Day 18 – Cliché a Day: Quicker Than A New York Minute

By Deb DeArmond

Where is the little girl I carried?
Where is the little boy at play?
I don’t remember growing older?

These familiar lyrics from the musical Fiddler on The Roof have been played time and again at weddings around the world. A wedding is a natural moment for parents to reflect on how quickly our children grow up.

But there are other times that it occurs to us as well. When a grown child:
• buys a new car or home for the first time
• becomes a parent, him or herself
• expresses concern for your health or well being

Other times may come a bit later on in life:
• When you have to ask a son or daughter for assistance with some task.
• When you consult with a grown child on financial or legal matters.

We’ve experienced nearly all of these, I believe, at one time or another. Where did the time go? It’s flown by, quicker than a New York minute.

Friends who long for the days their children were babies always amuse me. I’ve even known women who continued to add to their families, because they missed the baby stage so.

I loved my boys as infants and toddlers with their sweet chubby faces and sticky hands. Truthfully, I enjoyed every stage of their lives. As grown men with families of their own, I find myself amazed at who they have become. I’m more than humbled and eternally grateful to God for each of them. What an incredible gift they are, as are their wives and children.

To witness the next generation is such a precious blessing. My sweet friend calls her grandchildren her “crowning glories.” She takes it from Proverbs 17:6 that says “Children’s children are a crown to the aged,?and parents are the pride of their children” (CEV).

While I’m not quite yet aged, (and may never admit that term applies) I realize that as my children have grown older, so have I. It happened when I wasn’t paying close attention – quicker than a New York minute.

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