Daughters of My Heart

I wrote this post in May of this year, the day before Mother’s Day. It’s really how this idea began to form, and it has taken on a life of its own.

My sons married incredible women. Each of them followed our advice and all three “married up.” Way up. If I could have selected wives for my boys from a catalog, it would have been these three. Sarah, Heather, and Penny – listed in the order they came into our lives. As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow, I wanted to take a moment to recognize my girls.

Sarah was the first, and she was also the first one to refer to me as her “mother-in-love.” It blesses me each time she says it. I’ve known Sarah from the time she was 13. That’s more than half her life and I can’t imagine my life without her. Sassy, smart, and amazing. She is a wonderful mom and she loves my son Jordan fiercely. She is our redhead.

Our brunette is Heather. I met her when she was 16. She is married to my son Cameron. She told me once that when she was single, she couldn’t imagine calling anyone but her own mother ‘mom’. But the bond between us is such that she said she could never call me anything else. What a sweet honor. Caring, smart and genuine. Awesome wife. She will be an incredible mother – hopefully in the not too distant future.

So that leaves the blonde spot open. And son Bryce filled it when he married our wonderful Penny. “Mama Deb” is her sweet name for me – and I love it. Penny was 28 when she joined the family and completed our ‘set’. There was an open place in my heart that God created just for her, and my heart recognized her the moment I met her. Amazing wife and mother. Talented writer, runner.

These are the daughters of my heart.

I want to thank their moms for sharing them with me. Dru, Melody, Pam – you all did an amazing job. God bless each of you for the years you invested in bringing them up. My life is richer because I am back-up mother to your girls.

And girls – remember how much I love you!

So how did we get here? How have we sidestepped the typical mother-in-law / daughter in law agony? What did we do? How do we maintain it? Is it always without its challenges? That’s what this site and ultimately a book intends to explore. We are NOT smarter, luckier, or more spiritual than the average MIL DIL. What we ARE is determined to be united as a family and just intelligent enough to know that we can’t do it without Jesus!

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