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3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Thank you so much for your and your dear daughter-in-loves book, “Related by Chance, Family by Choice.” It has been a big blessing to me (but sadly not YET to my daughter -in-love.) Out of gratitude, I wanted to share a personal poem from the heart……in a separate email….Just so you are consistently assured that God is using you to help we mom’s in LOVE….Because of Christ’s love alone….Because of His great undeserved grace,

    A forgiven sinner….Dare :<)

  2. Hi Deb,

    I am a fellow AWSA and currently preparing for a teaching trip in Africa.

    I would like to ask permission to use your pdf on preparing a mission/vision statement.

    Thanks for your help,

    Sheryl Giesbrecht

  3. Good start on the in law topic.
    Lets keep going and dig into families with power and control issues who manipulate, deceive and abuse elders AND abuse the law regarding Guardianship / Conservatorship.
    Its pandemic, families are being ripped apart and the elderly suffer…as do the rest of the family. And the lawyers dont care, the judges dont care, healthcare professionals dont seem to care and ‘christian’ professionals…pastors and counselors…(even orgs like Focus…)
    Dont care and dont have answers…