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I am in the process of calendaring speaking events for 2015. I would love to address your women’s ministry group, retreat, or organization. I am certain that no matter your budget, we can work something out together. So give me a call or drop me an email and lets see what God might have for us to do together!

Contact me at or by calling me at 817-537-2715.

I am glad to create a topic to work with your theme or to deliver a message from my series, including:

I Knew We Were From the Same Easter Basket, Cause You’re a Good Egg, Too!

This is about the gift of Christian friendship between women. How do we initiate the relationship when we connect with someone? What are some ways to keep it positive and Christ-honoring and avoid falling into the catty girl� closeness that masquerades for genuine intimacy? What does the Word tell us about friendships in Him?

Related By Chance, Family By Choice

Based on my book of the same name where we will explore the challenge of two women who love the same man: Mothers-in-Law and Daughters-in-Law. The sad truth is that these relationships, even in the church leave a lot to be desired in reflecting the nature and character of the Lord. Tools, Tips and Tactics for moving in the right direction – no matter where your starting point may be.

We’re Still Havin’ Fun and You’re Still the One!

How do you keep the fun and the life in your marriage year after year in the face of life’s challenges like raising kids, helping aging parents, financial concerns, etc.

Some Assembly Required: Building Relationships with Your Adult Children

What are the new rules for your grown kids? How do you step back? When do you start? And how long do you let them struggle? Understand the importance and value of letting them make their own way and when your involvement might still be appropriate.

We May Be Done, But We’re Not Finished: Tales From the North Side of 50!

Lessons learned from the over 50 vantage point: God has designed us for His purpose and there is so much of it left for us to accomplish! We’re young enough to get it done and old enough and wise enough to do it well. A motivating exploration of the possibilities.

What People Are Saying

“Deb is an excellent communicator, able to put into words what everyone else is thinking. Her unmatched ability to draw everyone into the conversation and her humorous approach are disarming and likable. She bridges gaps we are all aware of but are unable to close.”

Gene Carter

Associate Pastor, Gateway Church

“From the moment she takes the stage you know, “This is going to be good!” Deb DeArmond’s compassion to help women experience life not just live it, is felt in her glance, touch, and tempo of her talk. If you’re looking for a speaker to motivate your group into action concerning life and our purpose in it, Deb can make it happen!”

Linda Goldfarb

Author, Speaker, Radio/Web-TV Host

“No speaker has been as highly praised by our ladies in attendance. We always have fun but Deb made this event extra special with the way she let God use her to minister to us.”

Cheryl Putnam

Women Ministries Director, Plymouth Baptist Church, Irving, TX

“Deb DeArmond is a very knowledgeable and gifted teacher and speaker. She holds your attention and interacts well with her audience. Deb would be a great addition to your women’s event, retreat or meeting and there is no doubt that she will impact the women present!”

Jill Thomas

Coordinator, Fellowship of the Heart

“She was very relevant to the audience in attendance. Deb was an absolute pleasure to have speak this year at our annual event.”

Madeline Wright

Chair, Womens Ministries, First Baptist/ Beaumont, TX

“Deborah will exceed your expectations. She exhibits astute awareness and insight and connects easily with people. Her energy, wit, intelligence and direct approach are refreshing and real.”

Lynn Murphy


“Deborah is one of those speakers who knows how to put an audience in the palm of her hand and take them where they need to go. She has the charisma needed to charm a crowd and keep them coming back for more!”

Eve Mayer

CEO, Social Media Delivered

“Deborah mixes creativity, humor, insight, and focus, and helps everyone she works with and for to feel comfortable, and accountable for what they’ve heard. She is a true role model as a communicator, leader, and as a person. I highly recommend her.”

Joe Malta

Training Manager ABC Companies

“Possessing a refreshing and interesting way with words, Deborah always seems to be able to capture attention and knows exactly how to capture both hearts and minds.”

Patricia Smith

Sr. Vice President, The Leading Hotels of the World

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