Where There’s a Will, He Makes the Way!

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“Debbie has a tendency toward willfulness.” My mother spent much of my third grade year in the hospital. She suffered from terrible headaches that often sent her to bed. There were no MRI’s in 1963, and there were few treatments for what we now call migraines. A brain tumor was suspected as she went from hospital to hospital. I spent those weeks sitting in white-walled waiting rooms, with the bitter smell of antiseptic, fearing my mom would die. At eight, it seemed like a reasonable fear. What was not reasonable was the fear that struck once...

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Interview: Holidays are Coming – How “Bout the In-Laws?

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I was honored to be Jeanne Dennis’ guest on her show “Heritage of Truth.” This interview was filmed in June at the International Christian Retail Show. The timing is perfect as the holiday season approaches, it often means time with the in-laws. Those interactions can be great if the relationship is good. If it’s not, those can be really long days. You will find the interview here: Deb DeArmond / Heritage of  Truth...

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Different’s Not Wrong, It’s Just Different!

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This will be a different kind of Thanksgiving holiday. Many of our family members (and some oft-included friends) will be traveling this year to see family in other places. Instead of our usual table for 35 or so, we will be fourteen for turkey. Different. Especially since the chief turkey briner/cook will not be present. No worries, our matriarch will step in to baste that bird into glorified goodness. I don’t need to double or triple the side dishes, and we will cut the recipe for pumpkin cheesecake in half. I’ve included it...

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Book Cover Reveal: I Choose You Today

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The cover for my new book, I Choose You Today: 31 Choices to Make Love Last, has been visible on all the online bookseller sites for months. So I thought it was time to share it with all of you, here at Family Matters. The publisher, Abingdon Press, did a beautiful job and I couldn’t be more pleased. I hope  you like it too! Look for it beginning January 6,...

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It’s a (Simply) Wonderful Life

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Christmas trees have appeared in the big box stores in my area. Wreaths, garland, and red velvet ribbon can be easily located. I’ve yet to hear carols piped into the mall, but my bet is that it won’t be long. This year we will be blessed with five little grandboys gathered in our home for the holidays. A sixth is waiting in the wings, scheduled to arrive after the New Year. The boys range in age from 3 months to 7 years old. It’s going to be noisy. And messy. And all kinds of wonderful. As “Papa” and I consider the gift lists, I feel certain...

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by Deb DeArmond I watched my son’s face as he changed his first really messy diaper for his newborn son—his first child. Only a few days old, my grandboy had taken the exercise seriously and had delivered an impressive load. My husband and I were enjoying the moment, watching our son and his son together. The baby looked relieved and relaxed. My son did not. I could tell this was a moment my son would never forget, nor would he look forward to repeating it any time soon. Later, as we sat together with a sleeping baby nestled against my...

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By Deb DeArmond   “Hi Sweetheart. How was your day? Did you make arrangements with the vet for the dog while we’re on vacation?” “My day was fine. And yup, dog is all squared away,” he responded. “Did you check on whether we can change seats to sit together on the outbound flight?” “No, I forgot. I’ll do it as soon as we hang up. Any mail today?” It’s what often passes for communication when one of us is traveling. It’s necessary, I guess, but hardly the fascinating conversation of a couple still in love. It happens at the end of long...

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A Trip in the Way-Back Machine

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A Trip in the Way-Back Machine

By Deb DeArmond   Bald heads, bad comb-overs, and enough bi-focals to start a bonfire. I was among my peeps. We assembled to watch a music icon take the stage and transport us all to a sweet time in life—our twenties. That’s quite a voyage for most of us, judging from my fellow concertgoers in the event hall. James Taylor, at age 66, continues to capture our hearts with his songs about love gained and lost, odd characters he’s known, and life in his beloved North Carolina. And I could sing every word without missing a beat. Odd, since I...

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Mother-in-Law Bootcamp

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Where do you go for training to be a really great mother-in-law? MIL Bootcamp, of course! My daughter-in-law, Penny DeArmond is looking for recruits with her new article featured today online at Crosswalk. Find it here: MIL Bootcamp...

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Bless My Mother-in-Law?? Really?

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With Mother’s Day just a few days away, why not entertain a new thought this year? Bless your husband’s mom. She did raise the man of your dreams, after all.  If for no reason other than that, this is a great time to let her know you appreciate her. Find my brand new article today on my friend Dawn Wilson’s website. Here’s the link:  Upgrade with...

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